Basic Dental Procedures

Looking for a Dental Clinic in Jumeirah and wondering what dental procedures you might need in order to maintain your oral health? Read below to know some of the treatments and procedures you may want to ask your dental professional on your next visit.

Dental Exams

Your first visit to a family dental practitioner will incorporate an extensive dental exam. Your dental practitioner will make a comprehensive  checkup of your teeth and mouth, check your gums, and go over any dental issues you’ve been encountering. He or she will work with you to figure out what sort of dental treatment will work best for you.

To keep up on your oral health, you’ll likewise get regular or scheduled dental exams in the future, usually at regular intervals or year.

Teeth Whitening

Many people nowadays can easily avail of Dubai teeth whitening dentist services from any clinic since there are procedures that only require a few minutes in the clinic. But before any teeth whitening is done, your dentist will still require a checkup to see if you are not suffering from any other dental condition before you proceed with teeth whitening.


X-rays are done if the dentist thinks that your teeth might be suffering from more serious conditions that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Usually, a dental X-ray only takes a few minutes to prepare and the actual X-ray takes just a few seconds depending on the area where your dentist wants to take the X-ray.


Cleanings are performed by an authorized dental hygienist and are some of the most demanded services at any dental clinic.  During a normal cleaning, your hygienist will clean your teeth by “scaling” or taking away the plaque and stains and clean them with specialized instruments. The cleaning paste is frequently accessible in different flavors, so your teeth will genuinely be “minty clean.” Your hygienist will likewise make note of any holes or potential issues in your cleaning session, which will then be assessed for treatment by your dental practitioner.


Fillings are also one of the most common and easiest procedures in a dental clinic. If your dental specialist decides you require a filling, he or she will first start with the procedure by cleaning out any parts of the tooth that is rotten or decaying before proceeding with the filling. This procedure might require some sort of anesthesia especially if the patient has low tolerance for pain.

Remember the best way to have good and healthy teeth is to always have a regular checkup with your dentist and make sure you clean your teeth every night. There are also some foods that you best avoid if you want to maintain healthy teeth like potato chips, sugary foods like baked products, and sugary drinks like cola and other carbonated drinks. You can also ask your dentist about certain cosmetic procedures if you want to improve the overall look or appearance of your teeth. There are many simple procedures now to correct crooked teeth or stained teeth.