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EMSculpt is an unique non-invasive procedure that helps women & guys in building and also enhancing muscle mass, minimizing fat, and forming body shape.

It is a walk-in/walk-out therapy that is FDA approved/ Medical CE marked as well as ideal for toning and also enhancing muscle mass toughness in addition to breaking down fat in several areas of the body, consisting of the abdominal muscles, calf bones, triceps muscles, and also biceps.

EMSculpt is also the world's initial non-invasive buttock toning procedure.
The treatment likewise assists and enhance stomach strength in people that have reduced back pain and/or weakness, as well as in females that have diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation) after pregnancy.. 
Clients Desired results achieved
Fat Reduction
Muscle Gain
  • After the initial EMSCULPT therapy, substantial outcomes can be felt.
  • Treatment time is generally thirty minutes.
  • The average boost in muscle mass 2-4 weeks after four treatment sessions is 16%.
  • The ordinary fat decrease 2-4 weeks after four treatment sessions is 21%.
  • Boost stomach stamina in people who have reduced neck and back pain and/or weakness.
  • Four therapy sessions are generally required every 2-3 days for 2 weeks.
  • Enhances post-pregnancy diastasis recti (stomach muscle separation).
  • Advantages of EMSCULPT Therapy:
  • Builds and also enhances stomach muscles while melting fat.
  • 20,000 sit-ups or squats are equivalent to one EMSCULPT treatment.
  • Stomach Results 

    I was so pleased I chose Mesotherapy they understood what I wanted and the results are amazing" 
    Mark - Bucks
  • womens buttocks

    Buttock Results 

    " A friend recommended Mesotherapy to me I am so glad I book my appointment, i feel so much more confident and comfortable - and the after service was fantastic" 
    Jenna- Windsor
  • woman's stomach

    Stomach Results

    " After 2 children I had all but lost hope of having the stomach of my youth, I was actually in pain and had a bad back, I couldn't believe how quickly I got results highly recommend."
    Emma - Lincs
  • Buttocks

    Buttock Results

    " I have always worked out, as I got older I found it harder to keep my physique I was dubious but the results speak for themselves"
    Jack - London
  • womens arms

    Upper Arms

    " I was thrilled at the end results of my treatment, no amount of diet or work outs were targeting my "bingo wings" and I hated how they looked."
    Helen - Peterborough
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