Your Safety Is Our Priority


Your safety is always our main priority and we can assure you that we take all the necessary precautions to ensure we are operating in the most safe way possible, both for you and our staff.
All of the clinic team will have taken the COVID-certification and full health and safety risk assessment of all treatments and clinic areas have been carried out by the team. We will be keeping our COVID-19 training up to date and implementing changes as and when advised to deal effectively and safely with patients.

Current arrangements are as follows:

Pre- Appointment:

  • You will receive all paperwork required for your treatments via e-mail to be completed and sent back before arrival and you will be asked to attend your appointment alone unless you need any assistance.
  • You  will be asked to sanitize your hands and required to wear a mask.
  • Each treatment room will be cleaned after each patient following the guidance of how to sterilise and clean.
  • Treatment couch, each machine, trolleys, any surfaces, and furniture will be fully cleaned between each patient.
  • Your practitioner will be wearing the required personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • This may include face mask, face shield, apron and where possible maintaining social distance.
  • Each treating staff will be fully trained on how to safely and effectively perform your treatment in these circumstances.

Post Appointment:

  • We are operating a paperless policy so invoices will be e-mailed to you straight away after your payment.
  • These will be followed up your practitioner with a phone call after your treatments to lessen the time spent in clinic.
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